About Us

  • Introduction

    Fairyland International is a full –fledged co-educational English medium school aspiring to impart education in line with scientific progress. It is located at the pleasant pollution free area of Kapan. It is located in an ideal learning environment within a ten minute northward walking distance from Sukedhara Chowk and a three minute southward walking distance from Baluwakhan Chowk outside ring road.

    The greatest aim of Fairyland is to give the most possible attention to the holistic development of students in an environment of self-discipline, mutual respect and friendship. This helps to form complete personality so that they can develop themselves into skilled and responsible citizens.



      To build strong foundation that supports children all the way to grow responsible and competent citizen.

    *   To focus on holistic (physical, mental, social, emotional) development of children.

      To develop socially responsible, academically sound and mentally alert students.

      To provide a safe, happy and stimulating environment for the children, where they are recognized as unique beings and given opportunities to explore and be creative.

      To edify open mind , dignity of conduct and mutual respect to racial , economic , culture , religious and linguistic diversity .

    *.  To inspire habits of curiosity, reflection, mental flexibility, self- discipline and independence.


    Teaching Methodology

    The teaching method of traditional way is inadequate .We adopt “Thematic Approach” i.e “learning by doing” and “play way method of teaching” as well as “learn through fun”. We apply the Montessori Method of teaching starting PLE (Practical life exercise), sensorial (for the refinement of sense organs) according to the age of children. We focus on the absorbent mind of each child and create the environment to help ‘spontaneous learning.

    All the subjects are taught on activity basis as well as using talking books (with sound of netive speaker). We don’t compel the children to learn by imposing them unnecessarily. We want to develop ‘auto correction power’ on children .Pre-writing exercises and other different exercises are applied to develop fine motor skill of the pre-school children. Audio Visual System and attractive materials help the children to do exercise and learn themselves.


    Teaching Staff

    We believe in the caliber of teachers in quality education. Our teaching team is selected for the magic that sparks children to achieve their best .All the teachers are trained, skilled and well experienced.


    Evaluation System

    The school’s academic year is divided into Four Terms each proceeded by Unit Test to support in continuous   assessment of student’s progress. Tests on subsidiary subjects such as handwriting, spelling, science and computer practical, speaking and listening, arts and crafts etc. are taken before tests of the major subjects. Besides, the students are taken to excursion and asked to prepare research report. They are also regularly given project work at long vacations which help to evaluate their information collection and organization skills.


    Parents’ Awareness

    Parents’ awareness and home environment play a vital role in learning process and in the information of child’s behavior. All the parents are not well informed of how they should treat to their children due to lack of psychological knowledge. Improper treatment may spoil the children. With the view to helping parents in creating effective home environment for the development and improvement of children, we support them with various programs and interactions.

Our Team Members